We get it... these are uncertain times. Businesses around the world have gone into standby mode, forced to close their doors to the public. 

Auction companies, specifically in Arkansas and Mississippi have just this week been forced to cancel all live events. Where does that leave the people who need those services? 

While many auction companies are facing challenges, we're offering solutions

Online auctions are still going strong every day. Reach more buyers, reach the right buyers, and let us make your auction work 24/7.


We're not starting online because things have changed. Witcher Auctions started evolving a long time ago, for two reasons:

1. Things always change. Technology has the ability to make all of our lives better if used properly. Online auctions make events just accessible for buyers on the other side of the world as they are for someone down the road. Better participation creates more competition, more competition produces better results for sellers. We work for our sellers... period!

2. For just such a time as this... Up until this point, sellers and auction companies alike could just choose their preference, all with acceptable results. Now, our country and you, as a seller, have needs that simply can't be met by a conventional live auction. We never imagined a day that a live, in-person auction would be illegal, but that's where we're at. The ability to adapt and not be cornered with just one skill set, one platform, means that we'll not only continue to meet your needs as a seller, we'll continue to get better at it.

  • Over 14 years of offering live auctions with live online bidding

  • Over 8 years of selling farm equipment, construction machinery, trucks & trailers at ONLINE-ONLY auctions... over $20 million sold

  • Online base of over 20,000 buyers... and the list grows daily

  • Hundreds of happy clients, references available

  • Our online auctions consistently exceed expectations

Postponing is not a sound game plan... no one knows what the machinery market looks like 1 month from now, 3 months from now. "Waiting" is like playing Russian roulette.

Farmers and contractors still need machinery, freight needs to move now more than ever. The market is still there, but who can tap into it?


Don't postpone, call us today. We have the solutions you need with a track record to back it up.

Kirk Witcher - 870-588-1260

Kent Witcher - 870-588-6571

Mark Phifer - 501-388-6563

Frank Herring - 662-934-9117


Kirk Witcher, CAI

Owner - Auctioneer

Cell: 870.588.1260



Mark Phifer

Outside Sales Representative

Cell: 501.388.6563



Jackie Battles

Outside Sales Representative 

Cell: 870.877.1717


Frank Herring

Outside Sales Representative


Cell: 662.934.9117