Selling Your Equipment With Witcher Auctions

​Our goal is to make the selling process simple and painless for our consignors while getting you top dollar for your assets.​

Complete liquidation​ - Retirement

Depending on the size of your operation, many times the best option is to have an auction at your farm or business location. One of our representatives will come to your location, conduct a free assessment of your equipment, lay out a simple commission structure and expense budget. Once we have answered your questions and an auction contract is signed, we take the reins. Unlike many auction companies, we handle everything, including lining up and cataloging your equipment, advertising, web marketing, contacting potential buyers and bringing our professional staff to conduct your auction. You don't even have to be present on auction day if you choose not to. After the auction we provide you a detailed accounting of each item sold, all expenses and commission. We handle load-out of equipment after the sale and promptly cut you a check for your auction proceeds less our commission.​

This is the important part about YOUR auction... most auction companies will come tell you how they're going to make your situation fit into what THEY do. No matter what they tell you, not all auctions are equal. You may very well be a square peg being jammed into a round hole. 

Witcher Auctions will create an auction strategy tailor made to YOU! We're not a one trick pony. We've been conducting successful live auctions since 1972 both at our permanent yards and on-site for farmers & contractors across the Mid-South. However, we also began conducting online simulcast and online-only auctions while other companies were still saying "that crap will never work!" ​

Guess what... this is the 21st century. We may not always like change, but it still happens. Online auctions DO WORK. In fact, they don't just work, they work extremely well. Face it, consumers today (including farmers) do a majority of their shopping online. Newspapers are dying, magazines reach a very small demographic and most people are looking at their phones half of the time. ​

You can complain about it, but as a seller, you need to reach those people because they're the ones spending money. That's our specialty... While other auction companies are still using the same antiquated methods of a "big ole ad" in the Sunday paper and a color brochure mailed out to people who were coming to the auction anyways, we're reaching the people you didn't even know were interested... PLUS all of the regular auction attendees. We even do it cheaper, because modern marketing is not only more effective, it costs less. ​

This year we converted several auctions, that were scheduled to be live auctions, to online-only auctions. We didn't have to postpone them or cancel them, because we have flexibility. Not only did we move forward for our clients, but the results blew them away. We'll be happy to provide references and you can ask them for yourself. ​

Whatever your situation is, we can offer a solution that will best meet your needs. Call one of our reps today so we can create a plan that works for YOU!

Our regularly held open auctions

If you only have a few pieces of machinery to sell, our regularly held open equipment auctions at our permanent yard is the perfect opportunity to sell. The process is simple... we do the work, you get a check!​

Since Covid-19, we have been conducting our auctions as "online-only"... this means that all bidding takes place online through a timed listing. We promote your machinery the same, but give buyers a more convenient way to purchase the items. Once the auction is over, invoicing, payment, loadout, etc. all take place like any other auction and is handled by our professional staff. This auction generally attracts well 1,500+ registered bidders from around the world.​

We also facilitate our buyers and sellers with a fully surfaced auction yard with easy truck access, loading dock and full time yard staff and telescopic forklifts to make unloading your items to sell or loading purchased items quick and safe.​

If you have interest in selling your machinery by the competitive auction method, here's how to make it happen:

1. Call one of our representatives ASAP and let us list your items in our nationwide advertisements. This will let buyers know in advance what you have to sell and in turn, make you money. The sooner it's listed, the more exposure it gets.​

2. Bring your equipment to our auction yard. We accept equipment at our Wynne, AR auction yard year round, M-F, 8am-5pm. Auctions are held here approximately every 2 months. When you or your driver arrives with your equipment, a member of our staff will assign a number to each of your items, list each item on one of our consignor contracts, have you sign the contract then provide you a duplicate copy on the spot. Once your equipment has been checked in, our crew will promptly unload your items and place them in line in the auction!​

3. We catalog your equipment both in print and online, taking multiple pictures of most items for maximum exposure. We also make videos of running machinery to better display it to buyers.​

4. After your items are sold at auction, we mail you a detailed accounting of each item sold along with a check for the proceeds, less our commission, within 7 business days after the auction.

It's that simple!

Still have questions? Contact us today and we'll be happy to further explain the process to you!

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